OJPL Films is the film production arm of the Orange Juice Public Libary (and the department that deals with all other moving image-related things). Here is a showcase of some of our many many films. Click thumbnails below to play the kiʻi ʻoniʻoni of your choosing.
Ice Cream Maker (6m33s)
A short instructional video about making ice cream.[hide]
The Juicer (3m23s)
A movie about juice and those that juice the juice.[hide]
Nāpuaopāʻula (4m47s)
A movie about people and the sharks that eat them.[hide]
Ke Kumu Lāʻau ʻUlu Mua (4m23s)
Everything you wanted to know about ʻulu.[hide]
The Archive (17m52s)
A movie about archiving movies.[hide]
It's a Jungle out There (9m56s)
A movie out capitalism, colonialism, concrete, and mountains.[hide]
Books about movies:

Movie Mondays ma Mānoa: Perfumed Nightmare

Assuming it gets acquired in time, this evening's Pōʻakahi Películas will feature Mababangong Bangungot, a film by Kidlat Tahimik. There is currently popcorn and a few tahina cookies, but will they continued to exist for much longer? Stop by today's kiʻi ʻoniʻoni screening to find out! Contact the Mānoa Branch for showtimes. [THIS INFORMATION IS NO LONGER CURRENT!!!]