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the undead books from the bowels of the library (and more!) nā puke ʻiʻo mai ka naʻau o ka waihona puke (ā keu!)

Tiny Books

  • The Darwin Sonnets
  • Leftover ScrapNā Pepa Koena
  • The People You Meet @ The Public Library
  • Rough Draft
  • Book of Aphorisms
Chapter Self Checkout

Call For Submissions!

Have something you want published, like a novel or a dissertation or a poem or a half-baked scheme? Submit to the OJPL! You know you want to. Maybe OJPL Publishing will publish your short story and/or political manifesto and/or recipe for delicious cookies. We are open to all genres of things, big and tiny. Send proposals to ojplpublishing [at] ojpl [dot] info with the subject: PROPOSAL!

The For Sale Cycle

For Sale

Are You Buying This Shit?

On the Nature of Things That Flow

OJPL Presents: A Series of Science Fiction

Front CoverA New Nation

Front CoverYou're Always So Late

Front CoverThe Petition

Front CoverWe're Having A Party!

Front CoverThe Prequel

Ke Kahawai Nui Hou

The Mainstream Novel Company: Kaʻao from The Naʻau


Something is happening here. What it is is not exactly clear.


Paʻi mākou i nā puke āpau. Makemake ʻoe e paʻi paha i kekahi puke? ʻAʻole mea nui. I'm sure we would love to help you publish your very important manaʻo. Ke Kahawai Nui Hou will help you shape your ideas to your desired specification and make manifest your most potent dreams.


We are so tired of distributing all of these books that we publish. I suppose this is what happens when you divert all of our streams. No matter, Ke Kahawai Nui Hou is unstoppable, perhaps. Yawn. We would love to disseminate all of the books. Please open your heart to receiving our most blessed gifts.


We here at Ke Kahawai Nui Hou believe that contact is very important. In fact, we would say that it is the first step to any act of successful communication. Of course, some people simply do not like to be touched. Please contact others responsibly. Noʻonoʻo mākou ʻo Ke Kahawai Nui Hou i nui loa ka pā. I ka ʻoiaʻiʻo, haʻi mākou i ʻo ia mea ke kaʻi ʻekahi no kekahi hana o kaʻaʻike holo pono. ʻĀ ʻoia, ʻaʻole makemake kekahi kānaka e hoʻopā mai. E ʻoluʻolu ʻoe, e pā ʻoe i kekahi kānaka me ke kuleana.
ma ka ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi ma ka ʻōlelo Haole